What is Superannuation? 

Superannuation is a tax-advantaged investment structure 

Superannuation is the Government endorsed way of saving for your retirement; it's an opportunity to accumulate significant savings for the future. Through concessional tax treatment, superannuation gives you a tax advantage that doesn't apply to other investments. This means superannuation can potentially leave you with more money for retirement when compared to your alternatives. 

Superannuation is a product most of us use to save for our retirement; it's an opportunity to accumulate significant savings for the future, often with the assistance of our employer. 

When you're thinking about superannuation try not to get side-tracked by its complexities, focus instead on what it can do for you.

Superannuation is basically a managed fund. In return for special tax advantages that other managed funds don't have, your superannuation is usually not available to you until you retire (usually between the ages of 55 - 65). 

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