Cash Flow Financing

Cash Flow Funding is where a financier lends money against the balance sheet assets such as stock, debtors, plant & equipment and, in more specialised industries, the goodwill of the business.

Cash Flow Funding allows for funds tied up in various assets to be ‘unlocked' to provide essential working capital.

Debtor funding (factoring)

Debtor Funding also known as Factoring is where a financier lends against unpaid invoices, reducing the 'cash cycle' of your business and providing more funds to produce more goods/services.

Unlike conventional overdraft facilities which are based upon the value of real estate security offered, Debtor Funding facilities grow with your turnover providing more flexible funding solutions.

Advantages of Debtor Funding

  • Finance growth
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Remove the need to offer settlement discounts
  • Free up real estate security
  • Finance management buyouts and takeovers

Business line of credit

A Business Line of Credit facility has been designed to help your business with its daily cash flow requirements. Similar to an overdraft facility, the flexibility of the product gives you maximum control over your credit exposure.

Acceptable Security

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial/Retail/Industrial Property
  • Stock
  • Publicly Listed Shares
  • Goodwill (Specialised Industries Only)

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